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We'll review music industry deals, contracts and terms of service documents as an independent third party. Ensuring your protection in future endeavours.

More Rev Streams

We'll share vital info and resources to help you create more revenue streams to help fund your music career.


Our community is growing and we aim to help connect our artists helping strengthen our network.

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We'll help you meet music industry standards while you're creating music with quick support methods.

How do we help artists and musicians?

Chariot wants to help you drive to success, so our indie label has a different approach to every artist we work with.

Our aim is to support our artists in their endeavours and projects. The mission is simple, “to help you take further steps in advancing in your career”.

Chariot Records has a team dedicated to providing vital resources to musicians and music artists globally. Artists sign to Chariot Records on a per project basis meaning they’re never locked in to anything long term. Helping artists stay independent!

Chariot Records is a non profit record label structure.

Taking nothing from artists on our roster, instead artists help our organisation in creating work opportunities for people aged 18 to 25 suffering from various disadvantages. These opportunities generate forms of work experience necessary in successfully procuring further employment.

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Frequently asked questions

Artists can make various types of donations including and not limited to, time given.

Yes we have various forms of revenue streams artists can take full advantage of.

Yes we do have an application process. Spaces are limited although appear on a frequent basis. We’ll never want to lock you into anything long term.

That is a great question to learn more about chariot records and the organisation operating the record label please click here!

Chariot Records has limited positions available for volunteers and paid staff! Please view here!

We hope this has answered some of your questions if you would like to ask us anything please click here.
Chariot Records!